This is the right game for kids but a bit too easy and boring for adults and teens. Rent it first.

User Rating: 6.5 | Ruff Trigger: The Vanocore Conspiracy PS2
Ruff Trigger is a game where you play as Ruff who is one of the top notch hero working for "The Big Boss" in order to save piglets. In order to do that he must venture throughout deadly volcanic caves, jungles, drive through race tracks and other interesting levels. The characters in the game are not really interesting and even a four year old might think why are there so many characters when you can hardly see them in the levels. The voice acting isnt really that great. The combo attacks are a bit too stiff and swiming underwater is really a nightmare! Driving the motor is pretty good in race track levels. Overall Ruff Trigger is a boring game for those who are not really interested in these shooting spiders and monsters but quite fun for young kids. This is not suitable for kids who are 7 and under. Some mild language are spoken by some characters like "What the hell?!" and "damn". Rent this game first.