RPG Maker XP Cheats For PC

  1. Go through walls (Test mode only)

    While playing your game in test mode, press and hold ctrl to go through all walls. This is used to skip long parts of your game.

    Contributed by: A Rock 

  2. Skip messages faster (Test mode only)

    While you are testing your game, you can skip all the messages by holding down the shift key. That way, you'll get through all the messages faster.

    Contributed by: A Rock 

  3. Show Framerate (testplay only)

    Pressing F2 when playtesting, shows the fps (frame per second) in the title bar.

    Contributed by: alexanderpas 

  4. Debug Menu (Test Play Only)

    To open up the debug menu during test play, simply press the F9 button to open up the debug menu which allows you to turn on/off switches or set the numbers for any variables you have in-game.

    Contributed by: CW Boi 209 

  5. Hidden Option Menu

    To access a hidden option menu, press the F1 key during gameplay (In or out out of Test Play) and an option menu will pop up. What this menu allows you to do:

    1. Smoother Gameplay (Requires Pentium 4. Checkmark Pentium 4 for smoother gameplay if you have it)

    2. Triggers BGM/BGS On/Off

    3. Change keyboard settings

    Contributed by: CW Boi 209 

  6. Switch Menu

    Press F9 to open up a menu which shows all the switch names, also giving you the ability to turn them on & off.

    Contributed by: jackal447 

  7. Return to Title Screen

    Press F12 to return to the title screen. (This only works while playtesting/playing.)

    Contributed by: jackal447 

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