The expansion Barbarian Invasion brings some new features to R:TW. But there's not much in the expansion pack.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion PC
In Barbarian Invasion it's the decline of Rome, barbarians invade and conquer some areas. The Roman Empire is now divided into the western and eastern halves. You can play as the Romans or either any of the barbarians because they're already unlocked from the start. The game has all new factions like the Huns, Franks, or Goths and the AI has improved greatly having much bigger armies assaulting.

The new features in the expansion pack are small, but good. You can now fight night battles with soldiers having torches in their hands lighting up the night sky. If you are a barbarian tribe you can become a horde where you're on the move looking for a new home to settle in. The civilians that moved out are horde soldiers and if most of them die you new city might not replenish its normal population. Last, but not least, religion is a major concept in the game.

The bad is that you still can't fight naval battles and the results are still confusing. The game doesn't really include much historical battles, just 2 only.

It's a solid expansion pack and a great collection to your RTS games.