Didn't like it at first cause i missed old enemies like the greeks and hordes got a bit annoying but it grew on me

User Rating: 8.8 | Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion PC
I bought this game ages ago and when i first played it i hated it. Not becuase it was a bad game but becuase i was still in love with rome total war if you know what i mean. i left it for ages and went back to playing rome. I eventually got fed up slaughtering gauls and greeks and tried this game again one saturday afternoon. I played as one of the barabrian factions for an hour and got hooked. It is now the main game im playing just now (while waiting for some DECENT 360 games to come out) My favourite part is probably the night battles. Go to options, the click advanced, crank the unit size up to huge (u need a good pc for this) then go to custom battle. Verse the PC and give them a small village or a fort to defend with lots of peasants, have ur army filled with elite (so they have decent range) heavy onagers and the best archers in the army, make sure the time is set and night start the battle and enjoy!