So, I'am still trying figure this game out, please, help, thank you! S.H.

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Yeah, I just got the end of the first scenario "Yellow Turban Rebellion" as a ronin and even though I had bonded with 90% of the people in the game by then, and I moved around all over the map. I still, it seems, had to start over at the first scenario {beginning}, again, Huh? Do you go through the scenario's one by one, or to you pick the scenario you want to start off with from the ten listed, and go from there? And so, what's the "BEST" strategy to complete this game, because, I have already played through the First scenario " Yellow Turban Rebellion" as a ronin, with my blood relation's being officer's in different Ruler's Kingdom's over the span of the game, and even though I had bonded with 90% of the people in the game by then when I tried to "Coup" the Ruler on the Winning Side at that point in the game, the "Coup" failed, I was immediately executed! So, I am at a loss, as to what I did wrong or right, and so I am asking for advice regarding the best way to get through this game? Now, obviously it's not good to stay as a ronin, but when is the right time to become a Officer, or even a Ruler? As Ruler, is it better to focus on the fortification, armies, tech, food supply, from the start, or not? And is it best to acquire new City's from the onset or just keep to the first city you become Ruler of, and build it up? And, is it better to set your Policy to Auto, or is it better with these others: Defense, or Offense, or Domestic? And speaking of auto, is there anyway to set the game to AUTO so you don't have to manually go through the battle's or any such, once set up, like in the later Koei Video Game Company NARTP or NAIT? Please, advise me! Thank you for your time! Bye! S.H.