This game is far better than ROK II and ROK III and is very fun to play. It brings back the old memory of the first ROK.

User Rating: 9.1 | San Goku Shi IV SNES
I am a big fan of Koei’s Romance of The Three Kingdoms ever since my Senior year back in 1989. Even to this day, I still remember playing this game on hot-seat with two of my friends for a month or so on my 8088 IBM PC Compatible. Playing as Cao Cao, I beat them all and it was a very satisfying moment killing my friends’ characters. Since then, I played ROK II and ROK III on my SNES console when I was studying my Master Degree in the US. Both are OK but not as impressive as the first ROK that I played back in 1989, well not until I found this game, ROK IV, on the internet in ROM format. I saw many improvements in this game, graphic and game-play are better compared with its predecessors. You can now have an option to build weapons and siege engines and give rare items to improve your generals’ characteristics. Fighting in the battle is fun and intense as you can use cavalry or archer with strong crossbow or auto crossbow to fight your enemies. The enemies have an option to fight you in the field in the water or inside the castle. Right now, I am half way through the game playing as Cao Cao and this brings back the old fond memory. Too bad, this time I have to play it alone as my friends are now all grownups and forget everything about games.