Rent it...for like 2 days.

User Rating: 5.5 | Rollcage PS
I can't say many good things about this game. The concept of cars that can drive up walls and ceilings was well thought out, but the execution was simply flawed. The sense of speed in the game is good, but it almost makes the game unfair. I mean, every time I tried driving up a wall or ceiling I found myself spinning out and driving in the wrong direction. With a game like this you would think it would be a rewarding experience for driving on walls and ceilings, but in the end it is very, very punishing. Yes, the word "punishing" certainly describes the gameplay.

The graphics and sound were pretty decent, but none of that really matters with broken gameplay.

And the value of the game is...wait, what value? There's three leagues to compete in, each having 3 or 4 tracks. The races take 3 laps each, and that's it. There's 2 player and time trials, and baically nothing else. I played this game and basically "beat it" within a couple hours, so I question if it's even worth renting.

In the end Rollcage is a good idea, but the execution of driving on walls and ceilings is broken. DO NOT GET THIS GAME.