At last, that game was remarkable.

User Rating: 9 | Rollcage PC
The good: Yuri was useful when completing the last difficulty. Astonishing graphics (More better than the PS) Cool controls than the Playstation.

The bad: Don't just forget that the controls are hard to hold incase they disable it with a beep, Expert level is kinda almost impossible to finish.

Gameplay: I find it was everything put in shape but playing wireless network can be more fun to enjoy chaos on tracks and battle fields.

Graphics: More colourful and more texture has been added and it was kind the best game on PC.

Sound: Highly immersive and musics can addict people much about deafeating yuri and facing her.

Value: SOme controls cannot be easily handled by your key board but don't you use a joystick because you can be useless at this game.

Tilt: Perfect to play, and i say it's one of my best classic games in 1990's but i seem to enjoy playing this game with worms armegeddon and Abes exeddous