It is great game, with all great.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rollcage PC
Rollcage is arcade car racing game, similar game re-volt, wipeout, or mashed. Although is a few years old, but still is one of my most favourite car racing games. It comprises few mods. The first mod is time attack- here you can practise your drive, or improve your best times (coz every bonus on this track is turbo). Next mod is practise, this is race in you are learn to drive several power cars, you have against you one opponent, but your main task is changing cars- and you find your best. The last mod is a league, which is the most interesting mod in this game. Your main quest in this game is win this league on both (easy, hard). Here, we find the first mistake, cause this league is very, very short on both difficulty and on easy is very trivial and for someone on hard is very difficult to win.

In options you find some bonus, which will be unblocked when you win some (or all) matches in the league, for example is other direction of track (example mirror, or from left ...), or demolition mod, when two opponents in arena want to push out of the arena his opponent. The number of bonus is four (+one special).

As you maybe understand, you have on choice from some cars and weapons.
Cars: all of the car have other characteristics: speed-max. speed which car can be driven without turbo (or with it). Acceleration: how long it will be until car from zero speed accelerates on maximum speed.
Grip: how the car is gripped on track (immunity against weapons, too). Power: indicates the power of weapons, or their accuracy. Weapons: 1.turbo: for some moment you will be faster than the others. 2.searching racket- destroy everyone or everything on track. 2.three rackets- you shot three racket, which destroy all that will be in front of them. 4.racket on first opponent-simple 5.slow motion- bullet time, slow down everything many times, but you will be slower than normally, but faster than the others (many times faster). Bubble-shift away opponents who is in front of you, behind you.

You have choice of approximately 20 tracks on different milieu (Mars, in winter, in future town). All tracks is jiná, the funniest (the best, too) is that you can destroy almost everything you see (buildings, trees, columns, stones …). Your average speed will be about 195 mp/h and your highest speed with turbo will be more than 350 mp/h . Beyond demolition can drive on stěnách, or ceilings (some times its better, because there are accelerate laminae, what are strips liing on tracks, ceilings or walls, and they make unexpected akceleration (one about 20-65 mp/h), usually they are more times consecutive in front of big jump, or very long straight square etc.

Audiovisual elaboration is solid. Graphics is now substandart, but volume is quite good. Bad thing is music, AI (on easy they are very stupid, but on difficult they are practically unstoppable. Interesting is that they want win for „every price“, although price that they lose.

The good/bad
The good:1.high playable
2.lots of fun 3.weapons and car characteristics
4.demolitions and accelerate laminae
5.driving on walls
6.some others trifles
The bad:1.only two difficulties
2.short league
3.on easy very low AI of your opponents. For some people can be this game boring, but all of you which not, is good choice. Although have some small mistakes, but it is fun. The biggest mistake is very short league. Because some people finished league on both difficulties very quickly. Although this league is very short, but when you finished that you unblock some new bonuses, which are good, too and you can improve and your time records will be better and better.