Great for playing split screen and amazingly futuristic! Keep it rolling 'topsy turvy'.

User Rating: 8.7 | Rollcage PC
Innovative! Its not the first of its kind but i think that rollcage gives that amazing thirill which you get while playing the carmaggedon series. First thing you note is that the cars are quite different, know what? they can go topsy turvy upside down, and the cool thing is you can still rive the thing perfectly without inverting controls (logically if you were upside down you will have to turn left in order to turn right and vice versa). The second thing you will notice is that the circuits are futuristic and its amazing how it brings on the sensation that you are driving somewhere in the future! The third thing you can notice is the amount of accessories you get while driving in the game like weapons, speed-ups, shields, tele-portals,etc. Some of my favorite were the tri missiles, the 1 seeking missile(this baby is cool, it races the shortest route in the circuit to blow up(figuretively as you are invulnerable) the person who is in the first position, and the speed-ups really help in the time attack and setting recordsin the game. My favorite track with an unbeaten record of 14 (or was it 16, anyway it was an even number and many tried to beat it and ended up failing!) seconds was the G-Force(its a straight track if you know when to turn and when to speed up). About the cars: this dosnt havea thrilling selection of cars, thought it was fun to experiment with the acceleration, top speed, grip factors. Well i should say i never concentrated in the music as i was so involved in the game! Summing up this is a great multiplayer to play with you friends, brothres and sisters out there!