It was ok but it needed something. Read to find out. It could have been a great game

User Rating: 6.5 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis WII
Ok this is a pretty good game it is pretty realistic but i was a little disappointed in the way the set it up. I think this could been a amazing game but they need a multiplayer. I really would like it way better if they had a online but they dont and they need like a career or something like that. They only have exhibition and tournaments and they get kinda boring after like 2 matches. So i would not recommend this game to anyone it just needed some more modes like mini modes or something like that. If this would have been online i would have given it like a 8.5 but it doesent. So if you have a Wii do not buy this game. Maybe they will come out with another one that has the extras that are missing. Oh and one more thing. This game has one really good thing that i liked. It had pretty good speed and it was very realistic they had lots of good moves that you could do. They also had a ok selection of characters that were pretty good. But it isnt worth any money so do not buy this game buy another one.