A great game to play between the long and epic other games.

User Rating: 8.5 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis X360
Gaming is a great, but expensive hobby. Especially when you own more than one console (like me, I've got a wii and a x360). But I think it's a waste of your money if you don't finish a game which costs you € 59,-.
Like GTA IV, this is a fantastic game but so big, that it will take a long time to finish, and I think many gamers won't see the end sequence. I haven't finished GTAIV, and I can understand some players won't because if you have to play the same game for more than 70 hours it can get boring.
So what's my point?

I needed a game to play in between, something totally else, something that excels in one thing, which is cheap, something like a sit-and-go game. I went to the game shop and my eyes dropped on table tennis. for a mere € 15,-, I decided to buy this one. And am I glad I did. What a fantastic little game, I think this is the first sportsgame which didn't annoy me because of all the different buttons and controls you have to remember. Just 4 ways to hit a ball, the control stick to aim, and the bumpers for effects. Brilliant. The players are well-detailed, the soundtrack is touchy, the sound effects are realistic, and it just plays sooo good. But the downside is, that I play this game far more often than I play GTA IV. Now what?! ;-)