Best table tennis game ever?

User Rating: 7 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis X360
Maybe it's not much of an achievement to be the greatest table tennis game ever made. Seriously, how many are there?

I bought the game on a sale offer for about 20 bucks.
I didn't really have any expectation at all when I put it in the Xbox.

At first it seemed really hard and I had problems taking a single point against an easy computer.
But after just an hour I was a pretty descent player.

This games is not as easy as for example Virtua Tennis but in my opinion its more depth to it.

After been playing for about 2-3 hours you generally know the most of the commands and use em pretty effectively.
But there is still allot you can improve and after been playing for over 10 hours I still feel there is more to learn.

The Graphics are really good. Because you don't have any option to create a character and play with it the existing ones look really realistic. They all have a specific style and set of expressions.
I kind of got annoyed with the "taunting" every player does after a close ball.
Ive been playing table tennis myself for many years and even though I kinda sucked I still knew better then to do the chicken dance after landing a nice smash.

The achievements will keep you busy for a long time and when your bored of playing with the computers the Multiplayer mode offers you allot of fun.

Anyways.. To add things up its a really good table tennis game, nothing more, nothing less.
I wouldn't payed full price when it was released, but now days its a perfect budget game, pick it up!