A Table Tennis Players Experience

User Rating: 6.5 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis WII
Like Star Wars The Force Unleashed, you might as well waggle the wii remote around aimlessly. This is how my five year old sister beat me 11-2 and was smashing every shot that came her way. The camera ( again like the Force Unleashed ) desperately tries to keep up but blocks the ball from view with the players body. The players will sometimes become see through.

To be fair to Rockstar, the sound is great. People will cheer after a point has been played, gradually growing quieter and eventually subsiding at the beginning of a new point. The graphics are also very good for the wii, although sometimes the arenas are slightly dim and will give a negative feel on the player(s).

Like lots of other wii games the controls are slow to respond ( if they respond at all ) and you sometimes can't help wishing they had been brought out after the wii motion plus was introduced.