A Review from a Table Tennis Player

User Rating: 7 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis WII
Ok, I have been playing table tennis who has been playing in USATT competitions for many years. I actually played this game on the 360 first but I didn't really get the chance to spend more time on it before I could judge how well it simulates the sport, so I will just review the wii version. As you can see, table tennis is a very fast sport at higher levels and it seems like Rock star did an ok job at keeping the game consistent with the speed, but it still plays slow. I am surprised to say that I still considered this game to be the most and the only realistic table tennis I have played so far. The game executes all the strokes (push, loop, lob, etc.) perfectly, which provides a lot of variation and fun in the game. I am glad that Rock star included three separate options for the game just to accommodate the player's level. If you want to play like a pro, you will have to play with the nun chuck. Fans of Olympic Gold Medalist 2008, Ma Lin, will be pleased with Liu Ping because you can make him play the entire game with him just using the forehand (you gotta love those forehand loops and smashes combinations). At first I thought the game was going to play slow, but you can actually increase the pace of the game or rally after getting the hang of the controls. I wish they had more characters and also improve the design of the characters a bit because they do look boring to me. I am going to end this and give this game a score of 7/10. Thank you.