Table Tennis is a very fun game to play with your friends and family and it keeps puching you to the limit.

User Rating: 9 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis X360
Rockstar Present's Table Tennis is a very impressive game.

The character models are very good and the surrounding environments are not that great but it makes you fell right in the game whether you score a point or loose one, the crowds reactions are awesome. The sounds are what you would expect it to be the ball hitting the table and then the pain or effort of the player to reach the ball. The only thing about the sounds that I hated is the annoucer he just has a couple a phrases and that's it no big deal his presence is not that important.

Table Tennis as a very interesting gameplay mechanics it's basically you press a button for a long time and the ball goes to the opponent with some strenght, but if you press the button too long the ball goes out or (as you are a lucky man) hits the edges. Then you have smashes and soft shots which are basically the same mechanic as the spin shots. The only thing that ruins the gameplay are the focus shots, which are basically shots that have a very short angle, hyper speed and a lot of strenght, by the way they are almost impossible to catch unless you are on the correct side. The game's controls are very simple and easy to pick up.

All and all Table Tennis is a great game with the exception of focus shots.