A surprisingly good table tennis game.

User Rating: 7 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis X360
I got this game free when I got my xbox 360 a few years ago now.
Obviously, this game was not on the top of the list of games I wanted to play, so it remained unopened for a while.
I first played the single player part of this game which competed of playing in a number of tournaments against the characters in the game at different levels.
This was fun at first, but after a while of playing it got a bit repetitive and I lost interest in this.
I then played the multi player part of this game, which was actually a lot more addictive.
The beautiful graphics and good game play made me rather competitive at this game whether it was against my family, friend, or just on xbox live.
Overall, I wouldn't get this game if you were looking for a single player table tennis game. You will get a bit bored of it after an hour or two. But, if you want a good simple game to play against somebody or on xbox live then by all means get this game. You wont be disappointed.