if they make another it needs kinect/move support

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This is based on complaints i heard from fellow players, seeing this was aimed for beginners to moderate players kinect and move support would be great  using the camera  so you can see your finger positions with out having to look down. Also it could correct  bad finger positions  and recommend a better one using the motion tracking.  This is just an idea let me know if you think this would help.

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definitely not

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The main benefits to Rocksmith imo are definitely related to how it teaches users to get around the neck of the guitar without looking, so there's no point in adding a crutch for this. I think the point to playing without looking is to play the guitar with by sound and not vision. Everything else Rocksmith teaches (in terms of song learning) has been done better already (Guitarparo6/Youtube/Guitar Modelling aps for effects etc).