Why it doesnt get a 10

User Rating: 9 | Rocket League (Collector's Edition) NS
This game is hands down one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. 2v2 is where its at. Your ranking system is superb, you can really tell how good a player is by their rank. All that being accounted for there is one area that could use some improvement. There are too many crybabies on quickchat. Expecting perfection from your tm8 is a naive expectation. Furthermore, I've found more often the person spouting nonsense is usually the one with the bad attitude ruining the game. At the same time you may get a tm8 that is constructive in their approach. Overall, people need to calm tf down amd put their big boy panties on and take adversity in stride or there neess to be some kind of conaequence or punishment.