Demolition Derby meets Soccer/Hockey to create hours of entertainment!

User Rating: 9 | Rocket League PC

For starters, I'm not sure if I want to go too deep into a review on this or not... the game is great either way, but worried that if I explain most of it, some might feel they understand it and no longer have to play it in order to figure it out, lol.

This game is an ingenious idea to mix in a hybrid-fashion, as stated in the title, demolition-derby with either Soccer, Hockey, or Basketball. The game is most fun played online with other human opponents, but can also be just as much of a blast in single-player, either in season or exhibition. Season has selectors for how long you want the season to be, along with the ability to select team-size and a couple other options, while exhibition allows you to pick between game-types including "hoops" (basketball), "snow day" (puck-slapping hockey), "soccar" (more like the default more), and I believe random or something... there was a fourth option, but can't recall what it was as I write this. The options for exhibition allow you to really fine-tweak how you want the game to play... allowing you to select the gravity levels, the time for the ball/puck respawn, even the ability to turn off demolition-explosions or even turn on friendly-fire, etc.

The way the game plays, is each team has selects their vehicle and how they want to customize it... once ready, they use said cars to drive all around stadiums to try to shoot a ball or puck either into a goal or hoop. (Hoops is a blast in exhibition, but I might suggest not using low-gravity as I did, as it takes a LONG time to get a shot in that way, lol.) That's the basic premise and summary... it sounds simplistic, but it's DEFINITELY a must try!! There's also nitro-boost in the game which unlike most games, comes in very handy here. Boost can allow you to quickly snap the ball away from another vehicle, allow you to quickly get to your goal to block a shot from going in, or even allow you to explode an opponent's car by slamming into them at full speed (no worries, they respawn).

The ball/puck can even roll up the wall and take flight, as can the vehicles... vehicles can drive a decent way off the walls, while utilizing the ability to jump, double-jump, or even barrel-roll... actions that are just as handy low to the ground as they are way up in the air. There are times the game can even feel like pool or volleyball... volleyball from being able to jump off the wall and nail the ball away from the opponent much like a spike... but also pool, because the physics system is rather spot on in this, and the ball tends to deflect at the proper angles that you'd expect when hitting it just the proper way, like a cue-ball, or any ball you're sending the cue-ball towards.

At the end of each level, scores will be tallied, and players will unlock customization items for their vehicles... many of which are really cool, with a great selection of cars and customizations. There's also mods out there for the game, but I'm not sure I really recommend it... I tried it for a bit and couldn't get them to work, really, at all, and I'm typically a master of modding... it caused the game to slow down in places, and eventually crash, so I gave up on modding this game.

I also haven't tested ReShade on this yet, but wouldn't see why it couldn't work. Game already looks great, but I am a bit curious to see how well I could make this game graphically pop over the top! xD

The game also has GREAT flexibility in gameplay options... as stated above, you can play online or solo. But the game also supports bot-play in solo, as well as split-screen and multi-controller coop!

Think that sums up most of the basics and don't want to ruin too much... but for any that are finding themselves burnt on games and feeling like they're more work than fun, or even want a really enjoyable "semi-sporty" "semi-competitive" style game, I'd definitely recommend checking out Rocket League! :)

PS - This is another game I *so* want to give a 10 to, but after awhile it can start to feel a bit repetitive... even if it's different and dynamic each time you play.

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