Worth a Look! The game is actually pretty good and the setlist is awesome!

User Rating: 8 | Rock Revolution X360
I got a copy of this game for cheap just to try it out to see how it compares to similar games. It's obviously not as good at Guitar Hero or Rockband, those games really set the bar for the genre, and this game came up at the end and it was hard to break the style and play those other games gave.

The notes come down the screen instead of at you whicvh takes getting used to. BUT if this game came first and everyone was used to that then this game would be the standard and people would think Guitar hero or Rock Band were weird, so give this game a break.

The graphics are ok, they are the same if not better than Guitar hero which is more cartoony and this is more realistic looking like Rock Band. You can only choose from a selection of characters which is ok but who really looks at the people anyways when you're playing?

The setlist is where this game shines! Although they are all covers, I really dont care if it doesnt sound 100% the same as Avril Lavigne or Korn, it still sounds pretty good. They had polenty of songs from the other games that had been done before but included others I enjoyed and hadn't seen before. Cheers for having Blink-182, Korn, and Papa Roach :) Tho there are only 40 total songs in the game, it kept me playing for a long time.

The controls is where the game lacks a bit. There seemed to be no real order to gaining rockstar bonuses and when they activate its like a short burt and doesn't last for any amount over 1 second and how to get it charged up really had no order either, so it was completely pointless to try and rock out, I just played through the songs. The controls in the gameplay are where I see a lacking in this game, tho who cares about rockstar bonuses, this game is fun regardless of that.

I would recommend this game as it's only $20 or less and the game has plenty of songs to tide you over until the next Guitar Hero or Rock Band game comes out and it's 1/3 the price of the other games and still has 40 cool songs. This is a great bargain bin game BUT with plenty of gameplay to keep you entertained and new things in the game that those other games don't have. Pick this one up! Don't listen to the trash talking reviews, those are people comparing it to Guitar Hero and Rockband and hailing like those games are the greatest things out there. Sure this isn't the standard, but that doesn't mean the game is bad by any means, you just have to get used to something different.