Jajajajajaja is this even a videogame??? and with this Konami wanna beat guitar hero on tour??? unbelievable............

User Rating: 1 | Rock Revolution DS
there is not much to say about this game, simply horrible....the gameplay is sooo bad and confusing that you can´t see the way how this is gonna be fun. The songs are incredibly bad compressed, and to make it worse, there are really bad.
when the game ask you to sing, you can simply touch the microfone hole in the ds lite many times and you can have the best score!!!!!! the drums are the best gameplay in the game but it still is bad. The graphics of the game are the worst graphics i have ever seen in a videogame, horrible(this word is too soft to describe it) characters and abysmal animation for them are here in this game. If you complain about Guitar Hero On Tour graphic, compared to this ones, On Tour are Play Station3 graphic.
Well, this is it, if you already buy it, you got the worst luck ever, and if you wanna
play a music game on the ds, go get Guitat Hero On Tour games, you gonna have a lot of fun with them.