Nice graphics and a decent track list can not over come the flaws that make this a broken game.

User Rating: 3 | Rock Revolution X360
I will admit I did not purchase this game because I really wanted to play it, however I did buy it without knowing the bad reputation it has in the gaming world. I am going to give an impartial view on the game and why I gave it the lower score that I did. I saw it for 10 dollars at best buy. I bought it along with Guitar Hero Aerosmith on a whim.

Rock Revolution is not a big budget game designed to steal fans away from the Guitar Hero or Rock Band franchises. Konami made the game to cash in on the craze without spending much in the way of signing big name bands to do songs, actually they covered everything in the game. With a small list of decent songs and an impersonal career experience this game feels tired and in some places broken.

Game Play
Firing up a song for the first time and trying to play is pretty crazy if you have played any of the other guitar rhythm games available. The reason being the notes scroll from the top of the screen to the bottom without being slanted ala Star Wars intro-text style. Being able to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on expert I started with hard to get a feel for it. After a few minutes it was pretty natural and an interesting way to display the notes, although no better than Rock Band's or Guitar Hero's way.

Where the game starts to fall apart is in the rhythm of the notes. In several songs the notes plainly do not sync up with the music. The notes coming down the screen are not in line with the actual guitar notes. I thought maybe it was just me so I had a few other people (who play RB and GH on expert) try it out and they had the exact same problem. I enjoyed the game up until this point and decided to continue playing, just avoiding those songs. However later in the game the problem persisted, so it finally broke the game for me.

The graphics are nice and they actually tried to make it realistic unlike RB or GH which is a nice deviation from the norm. I would like to see more realistic graphics in RB or GH instead of the stylized cartoon characters. However, graphics do not matter much in a rhythm game, so it did not play much into my rating.

The sound was not very good overall. The songs lacked punch and felt flat for the most part. I don't know if it had to do with bad cover bands, bad recording, or just bad integration into the game. Somewhere along the way the sound quality really took a hit and it doesn't sound anywhere as good as the other guitar rhythm games on the market.

If you can pick it up for 10 dollars it might be worth it if you are in dire need for something other than GH or RB. If I had played it at a friend's house before making the purchase I would not have spent the 10 dollars on it. The broken gameplay, the subpar sound, and the lousy career mode kill the game and make it unenjoyable.

I give this game a 3.0. The reason for the extremely low score is simply because of the rhythm problems and the lack of master track recordings. The game itself could be good and I hope Konami doesn't totally abandon the guitar scene. They need to get the tracks synced right and actually put some effort into getting the original artists to perform the songs. The note display and graphics are novel ideas, but they can not over come the game breaking flaws that are prevalent throughout the game.