Although this game has its moments. Its really disapointing in alot of ways, so its very obvouse where this is going

User Rating: 5.5 | Rock Revolution X360
I always love games rockband,and guitar hero.But this game seems to be a mere stripped down version of tons and better rythm games.This game has some wierd Highway. You cant see the notes ahead of time, so you are going to fail very often do to this. The career mode uses a carrer that seems to play like guitar hero world .

Thats an obovius rip off, and its boring as heck, i often turn off the xbox360 due to the boring gameplay.And still to this day(yes i even mean right now.)i still had not beaten it yet,and the multiplayer is basicly the same.The setlist is decent but the fact that all of them are covers keep them from success. One of the best parts of rock revolution,is the music studio. I noticed i spent more time in this mode then any other, the only problem is unlike guitar hero world tour, you HAVE to record all the instruments at the same time or youll over write the song then use the auto band that doesnt play the beat that you want to play. They also have a solo thing that sorta like rock band, you play any notes you want(It plays the notes from the solo guitar in the studio Hint hint)its awesome but its a major distraction from the game that is really boring.

Although this game has its moments. Its really disapointing in alot of ways, so decide weather to buy this or not.

presentation.5.0: like guitar hero and rock band only dumbed down and boring.

graphics.6.0: its mostly good, but animations are repeated to often and might be prerenderd.

sound:6.9:some decent covers like all my life, but most are rea;;y bad.

gameplay:4.6:like playing a game when the T.V is off, which we all know is boring.

replay value.2.0: your game case will be collecting dust while your thinking about your wasted 5 bucks.

cver all 5.5