i would'nt call this bad but it could have been better.

User Rating: 6 | Rock Revolution X360
rock revolution is alright but like i said it could have been better.this is the next step in band games only without the microphone.this game is ok but no where near better than guitar hero or rock band.this is good in some ways like this has a very awesome soundtrack but some of these songs have been on a guitar hero and rock band but still a awesome soundtrack.this game atleast deserved a 6.0 out of 10 not a 3.5 it is not that bad.this has no microphone so it is only guitar/bass and drums.this game is good but yeah they could have made this game even more better but this is still sort of a game that is passable to be the next step in band game but this is kinda a copy of guitar hero and rockband you have to admit but this is not a bad game at first i thought it was bad i played i thought it wasnt that bad.