Rock Revolution is so abysmal that I'm ashamed to see it being sold at all

User Rating: 1 | Rock Revolution X360
Once upon a time there was a little known game called Guitar Freaks that was a Japan only arcade release, a game that came before Guitar Hero and Rock Band, that played mostly Japanese pop songs and the like.
This game was released by Konami, similar in gameplay to DDR but used a then revolutionary application of a Guitar shaped gamepad to play.

A long time later Guitar Hero comes out and is hailed as the single greatest music playing game of all time, and the subsequent releases thereafter, to which Rock Band also achieved this feat with it's multitude of downloadable content.

And then after achieving the game and fortune these games brought with them, Konami actively sought out to recapture it's glory in the music game genre by attempting to release Rock Revolution, a game that's supposed to be similar to their Guitar Freaks, but no where near the same.
Once released, or rather before it's release, this game was met with mixed results from the get go, it's an abomination upon the music world for a mirth of reasons.

1. The concept was already in Japan before the now recognized Guitar Hero and Rock Band came out, yet they never released Guitar Freaks in the states

2. All of the songs are pure covers of famous songs in the states, and nothing from Japan

3. The drum kit provided is just terrible, the way the pads are organized, it's like a lousy electronic drum kit made by a third rate company.

4. The characters, though they may look decent, lack good customization

5. The game doesn't support any vocals at all, not that it would save the game anyway

Quite frankly I'm ashamed that Konami would release such a terrible game and not the original Guitar Freaks that has made Guitar Hero and Rock Band famous.