As someone that advocates giving games a chance, writing this review was painful.

User Rating: 1 | Rock Revolution X360
While I was driving home with a copy of this game, I was already reviewing it. "Not as bad as I thought." " I feel bad for this game, if it were released 2 years ago, it might have been the biggest thing in rythym games now." things like that. The game proved me wrong. There is nothing revolutionary about Rock "Revolution". If you're going to put out a band game at this point in time there are a few things it MUST have. RR has NONE of them. Game opens, you choose a character. from a list of like 8. There's strike one. There's only 40 songs, all of them covers. And not good covers, horrible covers. You know when you were playing GH2 and you're like "most of these covers aren't bad"? Well, you won't be saying that during this game. EVERY song sounds bad. Every one. Steerike 2. The chart is squished at the side, the notes are tiny and hard to see even when the screen isn't going whacko and literally changing to the colors of the notes you're supposed to be playing. Strike 3. Strike 4 comes from the drums. If there's an option to change settings so you can use the Rock Band drums (like you're supposed to be able to), I can't find it. And the drums are impossible without being able to do that. You can't even hit the "overdrive" without the use of one of the pads that isn't on the RB set. Plus the little bass pedal indicator in the middle makes it very hard to play. I'm not even going to mention the glitches that I noticed while playing. Well, I mentioned them, but you aren't getting a long explination. Let's just say sometimes the characters on the screen twitch like they're in a tool video.

So if you're like me and you're friends with a GameStop employee who lets you sign this game out, don't even do it then. Put RB2 back in your 360 and be glad that someone warned you. I usually advocate giving games at least a fighting chance, but this game has done nothing to earn that right. Leave it on the shelf.