Not for anyone who likes substance to a rythem game.

User Rating: 3.5 | Rock Revolution X360
Played the game last night with 3 friends for about 2 hours. Now Maybe I'm biased because I have played, and really enjoyed RockBand, and RockBand 2, also Guitar Hero, these are games that have a fun factor. They just feel right with the notes you have to hit coming at you from about a 35 degree angle. They also provide a little leeway to hit the notes.

Now after playing practically through the game in 2 hours (at least all the songs I really wanted to play) it left me wanting a whole lot more. Really 40 songs in total? Only 3 players for co-op play. One thing I found that could be good if you never have played a rhythm game before then this would be the one to try (if it was $20) for the beginner, and easy settings it really starts you off easy. I never actually tried beginner, but easy was 3 notes (standard) for the guitar, and it seems that you really only needed to make one forth of the notes that someone on medium would be playing. This made the game way too easy, and yet you still miss notes if you are not in perfect harmony pressing the button with the dot on the screen.

Now visually I don't complain about many games, however with this one I have a huge complaint. Why is the concert you are playing have to be so bleeding bright. Most of the time when you are missing notes it is because you are not able to see what you are supposed to hit. I found the blue button was awash most of the time with the background. The compatibility with all of the instruments is a really nice touch, but they want you to get a 7 drum set (the one that will come as a peripheral) and that would really make this game a drum sim.

Creating your own songs may be a nice touch I didn't have much time with that, but then it's not my cup of tea. I would rather have someone make a song, and then allow me to download it instead. The one other thing I found is that almost every song for the game has been licensed for the other 2 games RockBand or Guitar Hero, and they don't even sound as good. I missed that part also. 5.1 surround sound setup for the system, and the music does not sound anywhere as good as it does on all of the other games. Even the sound seemed to be washed out, and dull.

No matter how much I love Chop Suey or a few of the other songs on there, it can not redeem a completely below average game. I would not recommend this to anyone unless they are going to make their own music. However seeing that Guitar Hero World tour has that functionality, and it looks better, and easier to do, this would only be for the collector of all rhythm games.