This game is an oddity with a nonsensical campaign and peculiar visuals implemented into physics based game-play.

User Rating: 7 | Rock of Ages PS3
This game is a very unique concept that should be smiled upon alone. You have decided to take over a mythical world filled with the most iconic people from history by rolling a giant boulder down a hill through their defenses into a gate that guards them. It's amazing how flawless that plot is but keep in mind that the game doesn't take itself in any way seriously. Each level in the campaign has a cut-scene using hand-drawn drawings that acts out a piece of history in a comical way ranging from a dragon being slayed by an angel to Leonardo da Vinci telling you that you're a programmed character being manipulated in a sick form of entertainment called video games which pretty much shatters the 4th wall entirely. The controls in the game itself are physics based and you have to both defend yourself and destroy your enemy. The setup for defenses in this game could have been better designed but it makes things a bit more interesting anyway. Some of the defenses are very weak and don't particularly do much while others are flat out behemoths if you pick the right ones. So doing a trial and error thing with the defenses is a good idea depending on which level you're playing. You can also use the money you'd have spent on the defenses to purchase a stronger boulder to destroy the enemies defenses and gate more easily but certain boulders only work in certain scenarios. The fire boulder can't be used in a water level very well and a flying boulder doesn't really help you if the path isn't bent at a certain angle. The bosses look fun and seem like they're hard at first but beating them is very patternized because if you hit them once then the next two hits are easy because the bosses don't become harder with each hit but instead stay at the same difficulty. The bonus modes are fun to play but don't change the game-play very drastically. You can race other boulders or play ski ball with another boulder but this doesn't add very much in the way of entertainment value or variation. Throughout the entire game I felt like more should have been added to it. Levels should have been centered more around destroying things and been faster paced rather than slowing you down when you destroy things. Bosses should have been better designed and more elaborate. The extra modes should have had a better variety and added more interesting game-play to the game. This game is a good concept but doesn't feel like a complete game and for this reason it isn't gaining an impressive score.