A Monty Python esque adventure through history. The singlie-player has a deep and lengthy campaign, 2P=twice the fun!

User Rating: 9 | Rock of Ages X360
When I first downloaded this title, Rock of Ages, I did not know what to think. After some playing I found myself immersed in a unique atmosphere, and having a blast at the same time.

One thing that stands out is the presentation the game delivers. The cutscenes are hilarious and could be taken from the animated portions of a Monty Python episode. Not only is the game beautiful but it is an art history lesson. The game uses art from ancient greco pottery to medievil manuscript drawings. The art direction fits the game giving it a humours character alongside great gameplay.

The gameplay is a cross between marble madness and a tower defense game, like rampart. The result is a lot of fun, jumping off cliffs only to land on an enemy elephant is a satisfying experience.
In addition to providing a solid single player campaign, the game boasts well timed multiplayer matches; neither too long nor short, but always very intense.

I recommend to anyone that you pick up this game. It is suitable for all ages but will appeal especially to fans of gaming, fantasy and history; as there are many clever jokes and tributes in the many cutscenes the game has to offer. And for only 800 MS points, what are you waiting for?