It rocks!

User Rating: 9 | Rock of Ages X360
This game is fun. It's as simple as that. You control a rock with your left stick and you can make it jump. What do most people want to do with a rock? Smash stuff! There is a fun single player campaign where you go head to head with the computer. The single player has humorous cut-scenes to introduces each opponents. And each match ends with a satisfying squash.

There is also a multiplayer which is both split-screen and online. You can face head to head against a friend or there's also a fun skeeball mode.

The tower defense elements come in head-to-head matches. You are both trying to knock down your opponents gate and also protect your own. You get things such as towers, catapults, elephants to try and slow down the momentum or destroy the opponent rock.

This game also has great visuals and a satisfying artistic style. The soundtrack is great and makes for a more dynamic and immersive casual game. I am a huge graphics whore, and this game passes my standards.

For 800 MP ($10) this game is well worth your time!