A blast from the past that is fun to play today as it was 15 years ago. A true stand out from a great era!

User Rating: 9 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
When you play an old game for the purpose of a review usually have to take the game with a grain of salt considering how old they are. The key is to cut the graphics and sound some slack and take into account the actual "fun factor" of a game as it stands in modern times. Rock N' Roll Racing does not need very much slack cut, and is easily as fun to play today as most new games that are released today.

The plot is as simple as it gets; pick a futuristic car and go race against 3 other cars in tracks across the galaxy while you listen to music such as Black Sabbath's Paranoid.

The graphics are exceptional. Bright colors, detailed cars, and well done tracks all add to the appeal. Rock N' Roll Racing did not fall into the trap of over detailing the game. Most games that went for the super realistic look in 1993 look awful by today's standards. The graphics are kept simple, colorful, and cartoon-like. Think "A Link to the Past" style graphics on a race track.

Game play wise Rock N Roll Racing plays a lot like RC Pro-Am for the NES, in that you have an offset over the top view. The physics are well done when taking the corners, and the controls are very tight. What is mind blowing in my opinion is that you can actually upgrade your cars throughout the entire game! You will be constantly racing to earn money to afford bigger engines, better suspension, more ammo for your guns, etc. This turns Rock N' Roll racing into a game that you may intend to play for 15 minutes, but will not put down for 2 hours. Imagine combining RC Pro-Am, Grand Turismo, and Twisted Metal into a SNES cart and you get Rock N' Roll Racing!

The soundtrack is what pushes this game over the top. There are only 5 songs that play repeatedly from race to race, but the midi files are so well done and crisp that you will not tire of them for a very long time.

The only downfall to Rock N' Roll Racing is that it can somewhat repetitive. You play through 10 races for one circuit, which boils down to racing the same 2 tracks with a differing amount of laps. By the 7th race in each circuit you will get the feeling that you want to move on. This is somewhat nitpicky since this is an SNES game with serious cartridge space limitations.

Overall Rock N' Roll Racing is an absolutely stellar game that is almost always overlooked on many "Best Games" lists. I would value this game at $20-$30 for a game in "good" condition, but higher if it included the box and manual. For the average gamer looking for something fun from the 16-bit era $20 would be a great price considering you will get much more play time from this than you would with four $5 games. For the collectors, I think $30 or under would be fair for a nice copy of this game as it is somewhat rare, and a great addition to anyone's 16-bit collection.