Rock and Roll Racing is on of the best if not the best games ever on the SNES. Before Blizzard Ent. became a powerhouse!

User Rating: 9 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
IMO, as being one of the greatest if not the greatest vehicle battle racing games of the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. Way bfore the times of monsterously addictive titles like WoW, StarCraft, and Diablo installments. Blizzard came out to make this game that seems to have it all done well. Great graphics (for its time), awesome music (80' Rock n Roll hits), challenging enemys (Freakin' Slash is such a ugly pest) and of course blowing the crap out of a frend or family member. This game rocks in every way. The selection of characters with individual skill levels (including a secret character from the Lost Vikings!) and two annoying and just plain bad driving challengers who are also brothers (one of them if you go against another player). You'll just laugh out loud hearing the announcer's often hilarious outbusts and from you fragging or being fragged. It's just good fun and with the unique 3/4 angle of racing giving a 3-D like gaming environment(The revolution of the vehiles during the selection) which I knew represented the "Blizzard trait" was also one of the coolest and innovative gaming experience for the SNES. Plus, the soundtracks rocked in the 16 bit gaming (actually I think the sounds were only 8-bits) Ah, still games like these are the resaon to Blizzard Ent. success. I loved these this very fun and addictive racing game. "Ouch" "Whoa"
Yeah... bringing that rock 'n roll nostalgia back. In a very good way.