Addictive isn't the word

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock 'N Roll Racing GEN
I loved this game and it still has a place in my gaming soul.
I got this on the weekend of my Birthday the year it was released, i bought this instead of buying Bloodbowl by Gamesworkshop which i also wanted at the time. I think i made the wiser choice.

If there is a character called Tarquin, some Elf character with better handling than Accelaration, then that was the character i chose first. The maurader (?) second car option with the lasers and the oil slick defence, the pogo jump boosters. That was my first car until you get the Viper(?) triangle car thing, and the razortrack (?) and then the hovercraft towards the end.

I remember the 2player option was great to, im reminded of close finishes between me and my friends getting pretty loud and exciting. This was more than true if you got a random missile off at them just before they crossed the finish line and you won! SOOOO many races, SOOOO much fun, what a game truly what a game AND! great commentary and AWESOME music. Seriously great awesome and fantastic game.