The word 'classic' gets thrown around all too often these days, but Rock 'N Roll Racing is definately in that category.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
It's a shame Rock 'N Roll Racing has been forgotten, overshadowed by the likes of F-Zero. This game truly is on of the all-time greats for the SNES, and a worthy addition to anyone's collection.


Rock 'N Roll Racing is shown from an isometric perspective (check out screenshots on Google to see what I mean, it's a little like the early Micro Machines games), so at first it can be a little difficult to steer your vehicle in the right direction. However, once you've worked it out the fun really kicks in, and you'll be flying around the track in no time. The control system is well implemented, each button on the SNES pad either releases a weapon or makes your car jump, which is all simple enough to memorize.


At the time the graphics in Rock 'N Roll Racing were as good as it got, and they still stand out when you compare the game to other SNES titles. The cars you race with look crisp and the tracks are well laid out, so overall there isn't much to complain about in this department.


As you can tell by the title, the music is what makes Rock 'N Roll Racing what it is, and it delivers extremely well. MIDI tracks from bands like Deep Purple and Black Sabbath work extremely well as you're racing, and despite the poor quality the music tracks sound great. There is also a commentator present while you race, who'll point out key news in races - "Shred is about to blow!" for example. Of course due to the limited capacity of the SNES cartridges the voice-over man doesn't say too much, but he proves to be a nice addition to the game. The sound effects are lacking in my opinion, the explosion noise for example when a car is hit by a rocket isn't much of a BOOM! - more of a swooshing noise. Overall though sound and music is excellent.


Hmmm, this is a little difficult to rate. On the one hand if you can find this game you can get it for cheap, but on the other hand it's difficult to find. Having taken a look at eBay I can find it for about £5 in the U.K, but no cheaper than $30 in the U.S. It's a game well worth purchasing, but it's up to you to decide if you want to shell out for it. Because I found this game in a second-hand store in 1995 and paid £2 for it (I was amazed) I'm giving it a 10/10 for value.