Back in 1993 this game was amazing, today it still is

User Rating: 9 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
This game was created by blizzard, the creator of warcraft.

The first thing you notice is the near-3D graphics, which look beautiful for its time.
The sounds consist of licensed rock and roll music (as the name of the game suggests).

The view perspective may appear to be a bit awkward, but the controls hold well, you can even drift around corners which looks very cool. You can turn and maneuver without much trouble, while the genesis port has decent sounding music, the SNES truly shines out here.

You will notice that the characters are ripped off of something, as you can see ryu and ken from street fighter, a warcraft orc (how ironic), some marvel-looking heros and etc.

You can look at this game as a semi-shooting racing game, as you can drop traps for your enemies, shoot lasers at them, or jump over them. Your weapons get replendished every lap and it is fun to mow down your opponents.

This game gets everything right, The presentation is brilliant for its time, as blizzard is a very experienced company. The controls hold up very well and the ripped off characters are still cool. In the end, This game holds up very well over the years, and is one of the few racing games that gets me engaged in its universe.