Twisted Metal meets Mario Kart - this is one GREAT racing game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Storyline: This is an intergallactic racing league which takes place on several different planets. Playable characters include Jake Badlands, Fleagull, Tarquin, Katarina, Cyberhawk, and Snake Sanders.

Gameplay: Rock n' Roll Racing has superb, addictive gameplay. At first you choose which character you want to be. Each character has different attributes such as +1 jumping, +1 cornering, or +1 top speed for example. You may also choose from 3 cars, but at the beginning of the game you only have enough money for 2 of them. Pick out your car, and also choose your favorite color out of black, red, blue, green or yellow. As you win races you'll earn money to buy equipment. You can purchase engines, suspension, tires, armor, land mines, missiles, and turbo boosters. Each upgrade can be purchased several times, each becoming stronger and stronger than the last. I think there's up to 4 upgrades for each car part, and you can carry up to 7 or 8 of each weapon such as missiles or turbos. If you get enough points in each circuit you will move on to more difficult planets. Eventually more expensive, faster cars become available to purchase - like the Air Blade and also a hover craft. Don't make the mistake of thinking the cars are flying around in space - this is a standard race car game and once you are transported to each new planet, the racing takes place on the race track on the ground. Each race has 4 participants - you get $10,000 for first place, $7,000 for second, $4,000 for third, and nothing at all for finishing fourth. Try to avoid being blown up, and if someone gets in front of you make sure to pump them full of missiles. If another car is right behind you rock their world with a well placed land mine.
10 / 10.

Graphics: Nothing to complain about, nor to write home about. The graphics are typical and the cars look nice. You can tell exactly what's going on around you. Vehicles are the proper size on-screen, and the environments are nicely varied. Also, good job of representing race tracks from outer space - they look kind of spooky, strange, and shiny.
8 / 10.

Audio: Most people would be really psyched about the music, until you've heard each song 50 times. This game has good sound effects, and also is famous for playing instrumental classic rock jingles such as Bad to the Bone, and Born to Be Wild. However there's only 5 different songs so they get really repetitive. I usually leave only the game's sound effects on and listen to my own music with it.
7 / 10.

Controls: Really, really great conrols in this game. Turning is very precise and the controls have a perfect amount of sensitivity. Not loose, not sticky. Just use the d-pad and the 4 face buttons for your accelerator and weapons.
10 / 10.

Replay: With a 2-player mode and several difficulty settings to choose from, the replay value is moderately high.
7 / 10.

Pros: Excellent controls. Customization to the max. 2-player option. Super fun gameplay. Multiple difficulty settings.

Cons: The music gets repetitive even though it's classic rock.

Overall: Simply the most fun I've ever had with a racing game. Take Mario Kart and combine it with Twisted Metal and you've got RRR. Easy to get the hang of and addictive as heck. You'll spend hours and hours upgrading your car and exploring new planets. Phenomenal racing game so definitely check it out 100%.