What a game, with its wonderful simplicity it puts the fun back into gaming, it must be an all time snes classic

User Rating: 9.4 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Well, well, well what have we here, Rock n' Roll racing, a masterpiece, erm no but what is it then? Just a bloody good game.

The system is perfect, slowly working your way from each naive like animated planet you gain new cars which still give you that feeling your driving the best car from any game ever for some wierd reason, you have rockets, mines and a number of other clever weapons at your disposal, the graphics are what you'd expect, out dated but takes nothing away from the game.

This game is a brilliant single and multiplayer game, i would highly reccomend this game as a gamne you feel you could pick up and happily play and enjoy even now, its an almighty classic.

Oh yeah and the music, well the sound effects in general are fantastic and almost amusing. Tarquin storms into 3rd, rips in another time zone, haha.