One of the best games of all time! Please put on XBOX Live Arcade!

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
When I was around 6 years old my older brothers would always rent the game Rock and Roll Racing for the snes. We honestly rented the game over 10 times at least. But we could never find it in any stores to buy....and when the rental store was moving on toward the next gen of gaming, they finally sold there copy of the game and we proudly picked it up.

But sadly, I have lost my copy throughout the years. So, in memory of such an awesome game, I have decided to write a review on it.

When you start playing the game you may notice the graphics are a bit strange, but for back then, those graphics were top notch! A racing game from a "3D" view had never looked so good. And the music in the game was enough to make you crap your pants....midi's never sounded so good! Not to mention the JERK of an announcer! "Hawk is in another time zone!!!"

After a while you find the perfect character that fits your attitude, my brother was Jake and I was Hawk. Won't ever forget that......with the awesome 2 player campaign mode!

The game gives you the option of building up your car from a total crapper to a really hot car that is fully equipped to weapons that leave your opponents in the dust!

I miss this game beyond belief, and I think this game would be a PERFECT game for Microsoft to get their hands on and put in on XBOX LIVE ARCADE. Can you say 4 player online vs mode or co-op.....I would love to see all the crazy achievements they would come up with....

Perfect game!