One of the best looking Super Nintendo games ever developed (Interplay standard).

User Rating: 10 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Rock'n roll racing (Super Nintendo):

Wow, one of the best side-scrolling racers out there. Still! The original idea of the game is that you travel around to different planets and race in a tournament, all to the sound of your favorite rock tunes! There are worlds of chemical waste, an alien planet (inspired by H.R. Gieger's work) and other original backdrops that will blow your mind. I still to this day have not understood why Interplay never re-made this awesome game for Windows, Xbox or Playstation. It's one of the most original games ever, and as you have a massive arsenal of upgrades, weapons, mines, engines and other stuff to upgrade your vehicle with, you keep coming back for more.

The graphics are really detailed and clear. The side-scrolling is perfect and the stills are really nice.
The overall presentation of the game is just astonishing! Good animations and cool menus. One of the best looking Super Nintendo games ever developed (Interplay standard).


There are Midi versions of classic rock and metal songs (thereof the name... Rock 'n roll racing).
Needless to say the AWESOMENESS is total! Born to be wild, Paranoid, Highway star and pipeline (made famous by Anthrax on their Penikufesin (nisefukinep)) is the perfect soundtrack to racing the adrenaline filled courses of the game. The sound effects are basically crashes and missile sounds, some skidding etc. Just like another game I like, Outrun 2019, it concentrates on good music and only the necessary sound effects. TOTAL!


Game play:
The controls work like a dream and are very easy to get into and very well programmed. You have choices of the level of difficulty but basically, the game is a little bit too easy, but with the wide variety of things to do and upgrade your car with, it doesn't really matter. It's always a thrill to go to the shop and browse around for new upgrades.


You may think me crazy when you see my score for this one. I just honestly believe that I can
NEVER get tired of playing this game. I have sat for a whole day with one of my friends and just played and played and never got tired. I still to this day play it and enjoy it just as much as before. There are just so many ways you can upgrade your car (you have three basic types of vehicles to buy). If you'd like to go for a road warrior type of racing one tournament you can stock up on missiles, mines and armor. If you are the more "real" racer then you can always purchase the fastest engine and the best tires and the most awesome suspension. All this makes for an experience you'll never forget and you WILL come back for more.


Race through interplanetary tournaments against a wide array of opponents varying from Humanoids like Shred and Hawk to slimer Bogmire and H.R. Gieger influenced alien character Grinder X19. All to the sound of cool midi-ized rock classics and in front of beautifully drawn backdrops with a game play and racing feeling to die for. One of the best games for any system... ever.