God Damm this is Hell Yeah OLD GAME! Game Like I can never play... it a UNIQUE it cant fit in A Classic

User Rating: 10 | Rock 'N Roll Racing GEN
I remember in 1994 when i ad the sega genesis..
When i ad my Sega genesis 16 BITS
I remember ad Play Sonic the hedgehog & 2 &3 & SPECIALY 3D BLAST
I remember.. Good Time.. The Year 1994
I remember a Game Of Car Rock N roll Raccing Wich whas the BEST
You can Select About 5 Vehicule Wich can be upgrade damage & stuff
I never Seen a game like this..
(the music theme at star is one of the Best of Rock N roll (ZZTOP)
( it Taked me till 2004 Year to heard it at RADIO ) For Remember it (ZZTOP)
You hear the Sound. BUT I CANT KNOW THE SOUND TRACK !!
it ALL about This one It instrumental Only (The ROCk of the BASS) i hear
IF only we could turn in our past... when Sega Genesis whas the bomb..
Everbody play it and having fun.. id DOES..
Sad to know Sega Could not anymore Become a massive Enterprise of Videogame But We know at last sonic is in our Mind.. And Will alway survive
What Ever Year we are so much people dont know about sonic and is Origin

HowEver at Last We Got ROMS & EMulator to Revive Those Thing in the Futur
For Every Generation and Can know how it whas the Old 1990 TIme
One of the Best Year We ever ad..
Now the world is Going in a new Gen Hope it gona BEcome good..

Rock N Roll Racing Please Rest In peace in our mind We ad alot of fun...
May God Give you a Ressurection in our new Techonlogy
And Ressurect in our Mind For the Good OF Humanity..