Rock n Roll Racing will forever be one of my favorite games

User Rating: 10 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing will forever be one of my favorite games Here we have a game, a racing game, an action/shooter game, a multiplayer gem and a what could be considered an RPG. How all those at once, let’s see…… Racing game: cars go vroom to finish line, get there first to win cash. Action/shooter game: while driving unleash hot fury to light up your opponents! Multiplayer gem: campaign mode with 2 players at the same time! Or vs. your pal in the versus mode. An RPG: you get money for wining which you use to upgrade either the car you have or your cars weapons, armor, tires, shocks and color of vehicle This game when released on SNES and Genesis was almost ignored but it has real, licensed music, great and funny voiceovers and deserves a lot more attention then it got and maybe it could have used 4 player support but an otherwise perfect game…….. NOTE1: you can pick your character and each one has different stats (and watch for the secret character) NOTE2: many planets to travel to each with their own unique pros and cons