Great idea for a game, however represented poorly.

User Rating: 4.5 | Rock Manager PC
Being a band manager and creating hits, booking concerts, and getting paid. Sounds better then how it really is in this game. Firstly a small screen is very annoying its somewhere around a 5 inch screen resolution and its not too pleasant. The first order of business is to create a band with 1 to 5 members, including the drummer, singer, bassist, and 2 guitarists and one even does keyboards. It's funny to hear them also curse and say stupid things when you select them but if your trying to choose the best every time you have to hear them talk over and over again.

Up side to the annoying talking is that there are more then one type of music including rock, punk, pop. All with there own music track, and it is even possible to make the music sound just as you want, upping and lowering the volume for each individual player, turning them off for the song, changing just about everything like a real mix master. Needless to say everything goes in order of how a real song is made and produced via a manager.

Improvements to such a good idea that weren't even bothered to look good, is a better city view or layout, things don't have help markers so at first its just a free for fall on clicking random buildings before you can find it. The interface is also a little messy but it's also decent enough to see everything, however some chart views didn't even look right, and it was very confusing looking at a lot of the screens. The tutorial only tells you basics which is good for most of the game but somethings are still left un-noted.

Hard to recommend since this seems like a still unfinished game. The newer one from 2008 - Band manager, is just a repackaged copy so they haven't even bothered making it better. Best to try another one such as Rising Star or Rock Tour Tycoon.