i recent get this begin have fun with but lose!

User Rating: 9.5 | Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots GBA
i recent get this at local game shop in town from friend milov. he tell me take it for free terrible game just get rid of!!! i now take the agree game and play it at home with fun brother we have good time together bonding like father son yes>? hahah! so we play the game have great time with each other great fun too many to play! me and brother beelov learn to play many games over year he not very smart he once bugged when i was younger in school play the doom at lan parties with friends! he bug say let me play i want the doom! i say no not for you beelov play with rocks and ak-47 father brought home from afghanistan!!! so we have many sad times the good times and the cry together but we still family me and beelov we enjoy each other game bring us together as brothers we love and laugh while rocked and socks robvots the play we enjoy though games pot doesnt seem to agree shame to them balls!!!!!!!!!