The Guitar Hero series got a good old fashioned spanking!

User Rating: 8.5 | Rock Band X360
At long last competition for Guitar Hero has arrived.
And what a surprise: It's better!

The main reason for this is it seems to understand music better than GH, the main fact being the fact Solo's are isolated from the rest of the song, and a good solo = more points.
The other is it just feels much better to play; this is to say that it is more realistic and feels more like playing a gig than a game.
Also the game play is an improvement.
The use of squares instead of circles and the ability to customize your player, the latter being an element totally overseen by GH.

But GH is more fun as it's made more for fun value; where as Rock Band is based upon a more serious structure.

The only main problem is the games length, it is over to soon and most of the songs and or bands are in GH3 (Killers, The Stones and black Sabbath to name but a few.) and to be honest most of the songs are not great, Gimme Shelter, Paranoid (In GH3) & Dani California being the highlights, but most of the songs in RB aren't great.

Also there's too much Content Download for it.
I paid £39.99 for the game so I want the complete game, not to use up all my points on songs!

All in all it's a good game and Guitar Hero would need to real special to bring back its fans, and I don't know if GH: Aerosmith will cut it (Even though I will get it coz I'm a big Aerosmith fan!)