its a good game but got old after a few plays unless u have online and can afford the online tracks

User Rating: 8 | Rock Band PS3
Rockband for the ps3 to me was a good game but it didnt live up to its name although it had some good songs it just wasnt good enough some of which i didnt even knew excisted but the game was pretty solid it had character creater that made it for you can customize you avatar to look just like you with the same body type and style, which was new and i enjoyed that very much and the fact that you could play with other people in a four play coop and battle of the bands was awesome and that you could play online with people was a good plus but if you buy this game you will love it for a short time because the songs will begin to get very old and some of the songs are really not that good about 20 of them are songs you will play just to get through then carrer mode but with the thanks to track packs and dlc this game will never get old Huntertl1