This game is so addictive you have no idea how many COUNTLESS hours i have spent on it!.....

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band PS2
Words can not say how good this game is or how addictive it is all i can say is ......i cant stop... the graphics are good the music is good... there are a few bugs though like every once in a while the game wont load. other than that this game is all around good besides some of the 80s music that makes me want to pull my hair out and burn it. i love enter sandman by metallica its my favorite song to play. The drums are a little harder to play than the guitar. i HATE the microphone though to me its pointless might as well have a xylophone or a Tuba or somthing like that. I dont know how people play it on expert it soooo hard you get used to it after a while though.
I like the way you can download songs to play on it but it would be better if it were free. but good things in life arent free LIKE THIS GAME!!.. 130$$ WTF!