A solid music game that will make a good entertainer at a party.

User Rating: 8 | Rock Band X360
Guitar Hero has been the best rhythm game for a long time, and it is probably still best guitar rhythm game, but Rock Band brings lead guitar, bass, drums, and singing all together in one game.

Rock Band's guitar and bass parts are not as nearly as hard as Guitar Hero's are, but they are still fun to play. The singing works really well, and not only does it measure your voice, but it has these parts where you have to tap the microphone. The drums offer a lot of challenges, and are probably the hardest part to play in this game.

Rock Band has bunch of good songs by bands such as Nirvana, Black Sabbath, etc. Most of the songs are really good. But a few of the songs are just down right terrible. Over all Rock Band probably has the best sound track out of any of the Guitar Hero's

The graphics in Rock Band are really good, and things do not move choppy, like in Guitar Hero 3.

The sound in Rock Band is good, but over all, it depends on weather you like the music.

Rock Band is one of the greatest party games out there, and if you want to play through a bunch of good songs with.