Rock band Wii, this would have been in 2007

User Rating: 8.5 | Rock Band WII
Rock Band is a great game but a few improvements and supposed "hardware limitations" ae holding it back from being the masterpiece that I know it can be.


A great songlist even from the Indie Harmonix bands I found myself liking almost every song in the game, also the addition of 5 bonus songs that weren't found on the disc for the other versions but are DLC so it's not that great of an advantage.

The visuals for the game look great and even though each song is pre-recorded video each band they chose to reprsent the song really does and it feels like thier style based on what they're wearing.

Cover Qualities. While there aren't many covers in the game as most are master tracks and some from some big rock names (The Who, The Police) to which is great but the few covers that are in the game sound really great and some even I couldn't tell it wasn't them, Tom Sawyer especially as Geddy Lee's vocals are hard to impersonate


The Guitar Hero Les Paul DOESN'T WORK, this was kind ouf a deal breaker fro me as for me personally I just don't like the Fender Stratercaster that it comes with as the stum bar has this squishy feel every time you strum and it can get tireing trying to constantly stum.

Thankfully the songs are easy enough on the guitar with the exection of Green Grass and High Tides for this to ruin the experience.

The release date was delayed WAY too much compared to the other versions like JUNE 2008 thats 8 months after the 360 and PS3 versions and having five songs extra does'nt really make up for this

A lazy port of the PS2 version which means no online which I can't understand cause Nintendo Wi-Fi is fully capable. Also no DLC the disc songs are what you get and that's disapointing.

Overall this is a great game but some of these minor flaws could be fixed easily and we see that in Rock Band 2 which is great but buy it cause i've seen it for $30 game only and that worth it. and $100 for the whole band set