Rarely before has a single game completely changed the future of it's entire genre, or created such a massive platform.

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band X360
Rock Band
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Harmonix
Released: November 20, 2007


Only a handful of games in history are capable of creating such a sense of camaraderie with your peers, or sheer party fun, both online and off. Even when playing solo on any of the game's four unique instruments, you're treated to the best singleplayer experience of the "plastic guitar" era. Perhaps most impressive of all is the weekly DLC in the form of new songs which has been going consecutively since it's release.

Offline: A+
Online: A


The presentation of the onscreen note tracks and various HUD elements is the cleanest in the genre to date. Stylized characters populate many diverse venues, which are often accompanied by energetic lighting schemes or cool visual effects.

Then: A-
Now: B


The largest, most diverse, and in most instances best collection of playable songs in gaming history, all mastered to sound as great as you'll ever hear them. Sound effects and crowd noises are satisfying and never distract from the music.

Sound: A+
Music: A+

*All aspects of the game, visuals and audio aside, are included and combined in the gameplay score. This includes features expected in the genre, replay value, technical performance, and others.